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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an advanced auto-identification technology, which has become an increasingly popular tool for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of operations within the supply chain.

RFID uses radio waves emitted between RFID readers and tags to identify objects. A RFID system would consist of: RFID tag (transponder), RFID reader (interrogator) with antennas, and a host system.

Components of a RFID system

Components of a RFID system

A tag consists of a unique identification number to which information about the item is attached, e.g. item ID, date of production, batch number, shipping detail, expiry date, etc. depending on the intended uses. There are various different types of tags in which the two main categories are passive and active. Passive tags use the power from the reader in order to activate, where as active tags utilise power from the batteries which are attached to the tag. 

The antenna which is attached to the reader communicates with the tags via the use of radio waves.

The reader gathers the radio wave signals and relays the information gathered to a host system.

The host system acts as a RFID middleware where the information is processed and then used by the owners in various business applications.

The benefits of RFID in the supply chain include enhanced stock/inventory visibility and traceability at any stage in the supply chain, automated inventory counts, improved status monitoring, increased data accuracy and sharing, increased operational efficiency, reduced shrinkages and many more.

However, as with any new ideas and technologies there are always risks, barriers and problems which, need to be investigated and resolved until the technology can be fully accepted whilst at the same time conducting further research into the future potential of the technology in various areas.


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