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Our projects over the years include:

  • EU Project: AdvIOT – 4-year funding collaborating with 7 global universities
  • EU Project: CALAMARI – collaborating with Cairo University
  • KTP Project: RFID-enabled products at Acres Engineering
  • KTP Project: Technology innovation & automation at Logistex
  • Toyota pilot project
  • Product testing for Unilever
  • Research project for TBS Mobility
  • RFID (NFC) Implementation at Acres Engineering
  • Technology driven waste reduction project (Encore) 
  • RFID safety tool for excavators
  • RFID monitoring tool for pupils at schools
  • Advancing the use of RFID to support low carbon initiatives
  • RFID in healthcare: facilitating the widespread adoption of RFID in complex supply chains (UK Healthcare NHS)
  • Managing transportation distribution network more efficiently and cost-effectively with the real-time RFID data
  • How can RFID help to promote Green Manufacturing?
  • Developing RFID-enabled garments for workers safety application
  • Developing a RFID consultancy service package
  • EU project "CITADEL on the move" - making the smart cities smarter.
  • Exploring the use of RFID technology to deliver greater value-added services to clients: RFID in the distribution sector
  • Technology management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries (Pakistan’s National Engineering and Scientific Commission - NESCOM)
  • Constructing parcel delivery territories and tours in conjunction with the real data set
  • Using RFID in classrooms
  • Using mobile technology to analyse student’s behaviour after lecture
  • Improving manufacturing operations to achieve competitive advantage (Accutronics Ltd)
  • Enhancing the use of RFID to optimise operational costs and system efficiency in outbound logistics – funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Developing a RFID-enabled cycle safety tool
  • Assessing RFID adoption in an electronics components warehouse in Saudi Arabia
  • Enhancing the efficiency of blood bank operations through the use of RFID system
  • Exploring the potential adoption of RFID in the UK military supply chain
  • Assessing the impact of RFID to 3PL business
  • Assessing the application of RFID in food packaging
  • Enhancing business performance in manufacturing company
  • RFID implementation at Bestway: A new way forward
  • Using RFID to resolve automobile warehouse inefficiencies
  • The impact of RFID to different industries
  • The potential use of RFID for asset tagging in the UK Military
  • Port competition in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong 
  • The ability of small 3PL providers to compete in the global market
  • Inefficiencies of warehouses and tracking in manufacturing, can RFID solve the problems? 
  •  The objectives and factors to consider when planning to move or operate international freight   
  • An examination of the barriers to the implementation of Just-In-Time in UK manufacturers
  • Facility layout and efficient manufacturing operations of SJ coating  
  • Feasibility analysis of implementing ERP systems in organisations
  • Enhancing business performance in door manufacturing with Radio Frequency Identification
  • Investigating the use of AHP for supplier selection
  • Investigating the efficiency of warehousing at Li and Wu Ltd.
  • Exploring new RFID applications in packaging industry and the associated marketing strategy
  • The reduction of Co2 emissions from road freight transport
  • A survey of feasibility project at Tesco Express stores
  • Stock reduction in automotive industry
  • The impact of general sales agents GSA in the air cargo industry
  • Developing a logistics software prototype and deployment in the Far East

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