Dr Ming Lim
Prof Ming Lim
BEng (Hons), PhD, FIoC, CMILT, MIEEE

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I am currently Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management and Cluster Lead – Supply Chain Innovation and Sustainability at Coventry University within the Centre for Business in Society. My new role is to lead a team of industry-led, experienced academics practising applied research to solve business challenges and innovatively identifying and addressing business opportunities. I will continue to expand my research in RFID and logistics/supply chain/manufacturing in my new position.

We welcome any form of collaboration with companies through, e.g. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Scheme, training and work-based programmes, functional specs design, pilot/implementation scoping, and student projects, and a range of funded schemes are available. We are also seeking association with other research institutions through collaborative research funding.


My expertise is in Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, incorporated with Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data analysis, sustainable supply chain, low carbon logistics operations, lean & agile manufacturing, responsive & reconfigurable manufacturing/ supply chain, cost & system optimisation, and system modelling & simulation.

I have been providing consultancy to companies from the manufacturing and logistics sectors in enhancing production and supply chain competitiveness, as well as in the implementation of RFID technology. I founded RFID Advanced Research, in October 2008 at Aston University. The aim of the research group was to explore new RFID functions to enhance the competitiveness in the supply chain and manufacturing to achieve rapid responsiveness, cost optimisation and system efficiency under dynamic changing environment.

Over the years, we have successfully secured a range of UK and EU funded projects, and have project collaborations with companies from different industry sectors, including Toyota, Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Allinace Boots, DHL, the UK National Health Service (NHS), SMEs such as Acres Engineering, Logistex, Accutronics, Hazlin of Ludlow, Carton Edge Packaging, and UAV Engines. We are actively supporting companies in enhancing economic competitiveness in their relative business markets, as well as in assessing their operations for RFID adoption.

International Engagement

  • Advisory council member and board of trustees of International Society of Business Innovation and Technology Management (ISBITM)
  • Chairman, European Business Innovation and Technology Management (EUBITM)
  • Board member of IFIP (Int. Federation of Information Processing) Workgroup 5.7 Advances in Production Management Systems

RFID Advanced Research Alliance

Email: ming.lim@coventry.ac.uk
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