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I am a postdoctoral researcher within the Supply Chain Improvement group at the University of Derby. I am currently working on the EU-funded Citadel on the Move project. The aim of the Citadel project is to make it easier for citizens and application developers from across Europe to create the type of innovative mobile applications they want and need. Open government data is currently often difficult to access and use by the developer community, let alone the average citizen. Citadel on the Move aims to fulfil these aims by creating formats that make it easier for local government to release data in usable, interoperable formats and by creating and providing templates that make it easier for developers and citizens to create mobile applications that can potentially be used and shared across Europe. Our role in this project to advise on data standards, the use of Internet of Things and geo-based technologies within the project, and to aid in the creation of the mobile application templates.

Prior to joining the team at Derby, I graduated from the Computer Science department at Aston University in 2008 and completed my PhD in Computer Science, also at Aston, in 2012. My thesis was on the topic of supply chain formation in decentralised environments. I was supervised by Maria Chli.

Research interests

  • Multi-agent systems
  • Supply chain formation and supply chain management
  • Social simulation
  • Sensor networks


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