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RFID Advanced Research Alliance founded by Prof Ming Lim, initially at Aston University (UK), consists of a group of high-caliber university researchers and practitioners in RFID technology.

We are actively supporting companies in assessing their operations for, not just, RFID adoption, but also in enhancing economic competitiveness in their relative business markets in production and supply chain operations. We welcome any form of collaboration with companies through a range of funded schemes available, as well as student projects. We have access to a range of funding schemes. We are also seeking association with academic institutions through collaborative research funding.

Our aims:
  1. Explore and Justify innovative, value-added, and long-term benefits for businesses and their customers, and
  2. Establish strong collaboration partnership with industry and academic institutions

The core activity of the RFID Advanced Research is to explore new RFID functions to enhance the competitiveness in the supply chain and manufacturing to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness under dynamic changing environment. The value of RFID is its ability to enhance the quality of information collected in terms of its utilisation, timeliness and accuracy. The benefits are only realised when the information is turned into action. Our focus is to utilise RFID information intelligently to generate greater business values beyond those that are currently proven on the market.

We have been supporting companies from the manufacturing and logistics sectors in the adoption of RFID, as well as in enhancing their production and supply chain competitiveness.

We have also established an interest group, which consists of eight organisations across different industry sectors and countries. The research group is an associate member of the EU RACE networkRFID. Prof Ming Lim is a Member of IEEE professional association and Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK). The research group has successfully secured a number of EU- and UK-funded projects, and has project collaborators from various industry sectors.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact Prof Ming Lim.


RFID Advanced Research Alliance

Email: ming.lim@coventry.ac.uk
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